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ARR FTR Market Task Force

The ARR FTR Market Task Force (AFMTF) will conduct a comprehensive review of the ARR/FTR market design including allocation of congestion rights, FERC objectives, value proposition, and opportunities for enhancements. The AFMTF reports to the Market Implementation Committee (MIC)

Facilitator: Dave Anders
Secretary: Emmy Messina

During the meeting, if you are experiencing issues with connectivity or teleconference, please contact Meeting Support. For registration issues, contact PJM.

Roster PDF | Updates

Issue Charge PDF
FTR Market Review Whitepaper PDF 
ARR/FTR Markets Task Force Workshop Survey | Survey Preview PDF   
(Updated) LEI Review of PJM ARRs & FTRs  
Cover Page - Revisions to Final Report PDF 
Final Report PDF 
List of Changes on the Task Force Presentations PDF 
Updated LEI Presentation PDF
LEI Review of PJM ARRs & FTRs
Report PDF 12.17.2020
Synopsis PDF 12.17.2020
Submission Form for Q&A Session with LEI on 1.26.2021   
Education Recordings
7.22.20204.29.2020 | 3.25.2020 | 2.19.2020

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