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Cost Development Subcommittee

The Cost Development Subcommittee (CDS) reports to the Markets Implementation Committee (MIC). The CDS is responsible for developing, reviewing and recommending to the MIC standard procedures for calculating the costs of products or services provided to PJM when those products and services are required to be provided to PJM at a cost-based rate.

Chair: Heather Reiter
Secretary: Casey Noonan

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Roster PDF | Updates

PJM Cost Offer and Start Up Calculator XLS
Manual 15 New Start Cost Calculation Education Session  WEB
Charter PDF
Station Service Rates WEB
Energy Market Opportunity Costs for Generators with Environmental & Energy Limits Calculator WEB

Meeting Materials

 9.19.2013 - Cost Development Subcommittee

 6.3.2013 - Cost Development Subcommittee(Canceled)

 5.7.2012 - Cost Development Subcommittee