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Members Committee PJM Interconnection committees, an integral part of the PJM model, provide a forum for members to actively refine and improve PJM’s rules, policies and processes. Collectively, they facilitate PJM’s ability to move forward with positive change. Committee procedures are governed by Manual 34: PJM Stakeholder Process WEB | PDF.

PJM’s two senior committees are the Members Committee (MC) and the Markets and Reliability Committee (MRC). The MC provides advice and recommendations to PJM on all matters relating to the safe and reliable operation of the PJM Control Area, the creation and operation of a robust, competitive and non-discriminatory electric power market, and ensuring no undue influence over PJM’s operations by any Member or group of Members. The MRC reports to the MC, as provided in the Operating Agreement WEB | PDF.

Other PJM committees monitor a specific task on a continuing basis. These committees report to the Senior Committees.

There are four Standing Committees; these committees are permanent:

Membership Organization

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