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Search results listed here are based on instructor- led courses offered within the PJM Training Curriculum. Please view upcoming scheduled training on the Training Events page.

Are you looking for a training event which is not scheduled? Email us to request that an event be scheduled or see our PJM Annual Training Plan for tentatively scheduled courses for the remainder of the year.

For Online Training and other resources, please visit Training Resources.

For North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) approved Continuing Education Hours (CEH) credit courses, please log into the Learning Management System (LMS) or contact your Training Liaison for more information.

Training Course Delivery Method NERC Approval Total CEH
ARR/FTR Advanced Virtual No 0
ARR/FTR Basics Virtual No 0
Balancing & Frequency Control Virtual Yes 1
Capacitors Ferranti Rise & Surge Impedance Loading Virtual Yes 2
Capacity Exchange Enhancements for CIFP Virtual Yes 2
Communications Virtual Yes 1.5
Day Ahead Market Simulation Virtual Yes 1.5
Demand Response Load Management Registrations Virtual No 0
Demand Response Overview Virtual No
DR LM & PRD Testing for 2023/2024 Delivery Year Virtual No 0
Dynamic Reserves Virtual Yes 2.0
Economic Demand Response in the Energy Market Virtual No 0
Economic Demand Response Offers in Markets Gateway Virtual No 0
Economic DR in Ancillary Services Markets Virtual No 0
Electrical Theory In Person Yes 17.5
Generation Initial Training Program In Person Yes 26
Generator Energy Schedules and Parameters Virtual Yes 1.5
Governor Control and AGC Virtual Yes 2
LMP/FTR 101 In Person No 0
Load Management Dispatch Virtual Yes
Load Management Settlements & Compliance Virtual Yes
Load Serving Entity 101 In Person No 0
Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) Virtual Yes 2.0
Market Efficiency Training Virtual No 0
Market Efficiency Training Combo No 0
Market Optimization Workshop In Person Yes 20
Market Settlements 101 In Person No 0
Market Settlements Advanced In Person No 0
Overview of PJM Emergency Procedures Virtual Yes 1.5
Performance Assessment Intervals Virtual Yes
PJM 101: The Basics In Person No 0
PJM Operator Seminar - Generation Track In Person Yes 19.5
PJM Operator Seminar - Transmission Track In Person Yes 19.5
PJM Stakeholder Process Training Virtual No 0
Power System Elements In Person Yes 0
Real-Time Market Simulation Virtual Yes 1.5
Regulation Market Overview Virtual Yes 1.5
Reporting Transmission Outages via eDART Virtual Yes 1.5
Reserve Market Overview Virtual Yes 1.5
Stability Virtual Yes 2
Synching Islands Virtual Yes 2
System Planning 201 Virtual No 0
System Planning 201 In Person No 0
System Restoration Workshop In Person Yes 10
Three-Phase Power Basics Virtual Yes 1.0
Transformer Theory Basics Virtual Yes 1.5
Transmission Initial Training Program (ITP) In Person - Self-Study Yes 38
Transmission Line Protection Virtual Yes 2
Voltage Control with Generators and LTCs Virtual Yes 2
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