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InSchedule is used by power marketers, load serving entities and generation owners in PJM to submit their internal PJM energy schedule data. All PJM internal transactions, including load and generation interchange adjustment modeling and implicit internal Spot Market schedules are handled through InSchedule.

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Acceptable Terms of Use
Data connections should not exceed 600 per minute.

PKI Certificates & Two-Step Verification Browserless/API PDF 
Rules Validations PDF
User Guide PDF
Power Meter & InSchedule Submission Deadlines PDF
File Upload Format Definition PDF
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Command Line Interface Documentation

Command Line Interface - Java 8+ ZIP - recommended version for most users | Checksums: SHA2 | SHA3 


Creating a new... Navigating InSchedule
Schedule for a long day Checking the history of a contract
Single day and multi-day schedule Confirming a: contract | schedule
Contract Downloading contracts & schedules
Report Adding a comment
Single & multi-day schedule using peak Proposing a new contract date
  Uploading a file

Company Name

This information is now available as a downloadable report from the Reports function in InSchedule. Under the Report Section choose the following:

Type = Modeling Data
Name = Company Static Data
Date = (Not Needed)