Independent Market Monitor

Independent Market Monitor

PJM’s Independent Market Monitor (IMM) is responsible for guarding against the exercise of market power in PJM’s markets and assisting in the maintenance of competitive and nondiscriminatory markets in PJM. The IMM operates independently from PJM staff and members to objectively monitor, investigate, evaluate and report on PJM’s markets. Details regarding the market monitoring plan can be accessed in the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff,
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Monitoring Analytics serves as PJM’s independent market monitor.

PJM Board/Member IMM Liaison

Email PJM Board/Stakeholder IMM Liaison
Jonathan Raab, Ph.D., of Raab Associates, Ltd.
(833) 705-8428

The PJM Board of Managers established a liaison as part of the process for receiving and evaluating feedback on the performance and function of the IMM. An external industry professional, Jonathan Raab, Ph.D., of Raab Associates, Ltd., an energy industry stakeholder process facilitator and mediator, has been designated as the liaison and is available to anonymously receive feedback directly from stakeholders and to convey this information to the PJM Board through the Competitive Markets Committee.